It’s the most wonderful time for a beer part III: Christmas Edition

Jingle jangle my peoples. It is certainly the most wonderful time for a beer. Before you go for your two weeks of resolution diet and workout binge, make this last hoorah count! Below you will find a list of interesting beers to pair with whatever festivities and meals you have planned. And if you procrastinated and need last minute gift ideas, why not choose some liquid cheer? Continue reading

Behind the Brew-sic

Brewery tales would make for a great series similar to Behind the Music. Like all trailblazers, the early craft brewers had the privilege of making all the mistakes. No amount of mentoring or education could prepare them for what was truly new territory. In reading various memoirs and re-tellings of craft beer history, I have learned much about what the makers of these fine products have done to bring us a better beverage. It is easy to forget that behind most things we consume, there is a story (or at least substantial time and effort). Continue reading


One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was my beer fridge. My lovely wife put aside her reservations about the lack of space in our apartment and totally surprised me. With a clear door and a light on the inside, this was a thing of beauty. Also, a way for her to avoid involuntary games of Tetris in our kitchen fridge every time she bought milk. Continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer PART I: Thanksgiving

Disclaimer: There are roughly 234,405 (estimated/made-up) other articles about Thanksgiving beers that you can read. However, this one delivers you three choices with the following guarantee. If you do not like the beers I recommend as a compliment to your Thanksgiving dinner, you can give whatever remains to me at no additional charge. Continue reading