This is a craft beer journal kept to justify the habit of a guy that seeks and samples frequently. But more than that, it’s a space for people who like beer and want to learn more. Whether you are a heavily bearded aficionado that has conquered all the white whales or you think B.u.d.w.e.i.s.e.r. stands for Because you deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly, I am here for you. For the latter group, I’ll be your huckleberry, helping you to discover the depth and breadth of the world’s best beverage. Beer is more than flavors, smells, and a buzz—it’s about the stories, the places, and the people you enjoy it with. As a craft beer enthusiast sharing learnings from a life with beer involved (~1375 to date) and a Cicerone-in-training, you can trust me to be your guide )despite my lack of facial hair). Follow me on Untappd and Twitter @beardlessbeer.
Pluralized cheer to you. Let’s go!

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