One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was my beer fridge. My lovely wife put aside her reservations about the lack of space in our apartment and totally surprised me. With a clear door and a light on the inside, this was a thing of beauty. Also, a way for her to avoid involuntary games of Tetris in our kitchen fridge every time she bought milk.

Like any other hobbyist, beer lovers like their gear, collectibles, and gifted beer. A classic holiday poem comes to mind:

Glassware, openers, t-shirts, and growlers

A homebrew kit to occupy the passing hours,

Between rare beer and books and occasional festivals,

An infographic over your beer fridge is quite the spectacle

Beer of the month clubs and winter beers donned with elves 

A magazine subscription or some books for your shelves

Below is your guide to make your favorite beer nerd happy

Holiday wishes to you and craft beer that’s not crappy

-St. A. Claus 

  1. Spiegelau IPA Glass – This is supposed to be *the best* IPA glass. I thought I may be imagining the difference until I caught my brother and father in a moment of awe as they realized the difference between the same beer in a shaker pint vs. the IPA glass. Truth is, I most often reach for my first and favorite Portsmouth Brewing tulip glass. Also, nothing beats a Chimay or St. Bernardus glass for Trappist-style beers. You can really never have too much glassware. If you do, I will gladly take some off your hands.
  1. Areaware Bottle Opener – Even though cans are all the rage, the best bottle opener ever remains a necessity. This thing has a magnet for your fridge, a magnet for your cap, and is equal parts fun and effective.
  1. Beer Cap Collector Shadow Boxes – Much beer consumption results in caps, can, bottles, and boxes. Since you now have the best bottle opener, you should make good use of your conveniently captured caps. Craft Beer Hound has a nice collection for you to peruse.
  1. Goose Creek Growler – I have already purchased too many growlers as a result of lack of preparation. $65-$75 is pretty expensive compared to those at your local brewpub or store, but these are some handsome beer receptacles. Maybe if I had one of these I would remember to take it with me!
  1. The Brewmaster’s Table – Read a Garrett Oliver soliloquy about food and beer that is one orchestra shy of an opus and you will agree that this is the book for every enthusiast on your list.
  1. Pairing Class or Event – I both gifted and received the gift of the beer and cheese class at Murray’s Cheese. Each class contained some truly enlightening tasting experiences with a fun and knowledgeable staff. If you are not in the greater NYC area, look for an event or beer dinner near you. After all, it is the experiences that good beer leads us to that keeps us coming back for more.

Footnote: Beers consumed while considering and writing this post included Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale and Victory Winter Cheers.

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